Adelaide Suit Sale

Everyone likes a sale but there is a certain excitement that comes with purchasing a new suit. That’s why we have an Adelaide Suit Sale! Whether it’s for work, a wedding, a school formal or another special occasion, we have a suit for you!

A suit with Affordable Luxury, Effortless Class

You should expect nothing less with the suits from Adelaide Suits Direct. We pride ourselves on aligning the inner exuberance and the inner integrity of any man by providing head-turning style. From the boardroom to the field, no matter where you are, or whatever you are doing, you want to make an exceptional entrance. At work or at a special occasion, you will look at your best and make a great impression on those you meet. Our five-star service with tailoring and personalised attention will give you that confidence whenever you wear one of our suits!

Experience the Difference of an ASD Suit

For over 25 years, Arthur and Sons have been passionate about suit manufacturing, fitting and style consultations and have refined their art over that time. With a fine eye for detail and a dedication to quality manufacturing. You can trust that you are getting the best suit.

We use high-quality fabrics and unique finishes to set you and your suit apart from the rest. Finishes such as a three buttoning bar trouser system, reinforced backing buttons and stacked buttons on jacket sleeves mean your suit has the hallmarks of quality.

Suit Sale

We have a range of suits and sizes available and can tailor to your needs. Our GetUp Suit range is suitable for any occasion and very popular.

If it’s for a wedding, we have the Wolfpack Wedding GetUp package available which includes four GetUp Suits, four shirts, four ties and four tie clips, all yours to keep, not hire!

We also have 30-50% off our Pure Wool suits, visit in store to check out the range.

We also have a shirt and tie package for $95, a range of casual clothes and accessories too!

If it is more the traditional business work suit that you are after then have a look at our Signature Series, The Businessman or the Luxury Businessman Edition suits.

Invest In Your Future

Did you know that purchasing a suit may be the first investment you make in your future? A classically cut suit will never go out of style. A well-fitting suit makes you look professional, mature and responsible. Wearing a suit to a job interview creates a better first impression. If you need to wear a suit to work every day, you want it to fit well and look smart. You may even need to purchase more than one. If so, why not pick a slightly different style or colour? A great suit will last you for years!

Adelaide Suits Direct

At Adelaide Suits Direct, we make it a fundamental priority to ensure our customers are satisfied and their happiness exceeds expectations. We have cultivated creations from the finest designers in the world, to bring you luxury and quality without the extortionate price tag. We’re sure you will be delighted with our Adelaide Suit Sale products and service. Come in store to find out more!