School Formal Suits

When it comes time for that celebration, the School Formal, you want to look your best.

With our GetUp Range of Suits you can do that easily. With fitted trousers, vest and jacket you will impress your mates, your family and most importantly, your date with your School formal suit.

Why wear a suit to the formal?
Why wear a suit to your formal? Simply put, to look your best. There is no doubt that when you want to look your absolute best, you wear a suit. The latest fashion changes all the time but the suit is always fashionable, it’s only the style, cut and colour that changes. When a man wears a well-fitting suit, he is described as a ‘sharply dressed man’. This refers to the clean, crisp, straight lines of the suit. It gives the appearance of being professional, having style and excellence.

A suit = a more confident you
Not only does it give you the best appearance but it will draw positive attention and keep the attention. When people look at you, they will think you look mature and responsible and you will feel good. When you look good, your self-confidence gets a boost and you give off an attitude of self-respect.

There’s an old saying, ‘clothes make the man’. This means you can judge a man’s character by the clothes he is wearing and his general appearance. Whether you want it to happen or not, it will happen.

Student School Formal Package $375

  • 1 x Getup Suit (jacket and trouser)
  • 1 x Pure Cotton Shirt
  • 1 x Tie or Bowtie
  • 1 x Tie Clip
  • 1 x White Pocket Square

All for $375 Brand new and to KEEP, not hire!
Utilise for job interviews and any future events

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    Dress for success

    There’s another old saying, ‘dress for success’. The meaning here is quite clear: if you want to succeed, dress appropriately. If you’re playing sport, you wear the appropriate sports clothes and if you want to impress at a formal, you wear a suit.

    Did you know that what you wear can affect how you think? If you are wearing sporty clothes, you are more likely to want to do something sporty. When you wear sleepwear around the house, you are more likely to feel tired and lacking energy. But when you wear a suit, you feel ready for anything. That’s why James Bond wears one.

    This is a time of mixed and confusing emotions and hormones. You have lots of things you might feel embarrassed about including finding the right girl and then getting the courage to ask her to the formal. Forget the teen romance movies, this isn’t America or a Hollywood movie, this is real life.

    Be yourself, enjoy the night, compliment your date on her dress and feel confident. “How?” I hear you ask. Look your best, wear a suit from our GetUp range and imagine you’re James Bond. Then you will be ready for anything.

    Which suit for the formal

    Not sure which suit is best for you? There’s lots of options sizes, colours and cuts. Come into one of our stores and one of our suit experts will help find you the ideal suit. It’s easy and won’t cost that much.

    Make your school formal memorable and be the best-dressed guy there. It will make your night!

    What you wear when you meet someone for the first time will give them their first impression of you so if you look ‘sharp’ in a well-fitting suit they will think highly of you.

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