How To Look After Your Suits

Its one thing to invest in a top notch, Pure Australian Merino Wool Suit but its also extremely important to maintain and look after your investment, so here’s a few tips to steer the common gentleman in the right direction.

If you’re a religious businessman who wears suits every day, it is a must that your wardrobe suits are rotated on a regular basis.

We suggest no more than wearing your suit twice a week. Second trousers for this scenario are a must have as it enhances the life of the suit jacket as trouser will always naturally wear quicker than your jacket.

Store suits in a breathable wardrobe. Ensure your space is moth/silverfish free…these little creatures love a good quality natural pure wool fibre so ensure moth balls are placed in the near vicinity to deter.

For extra protection, when suits are being stored in wardrobe, ensure they are kept in a zipped up suit bag.

Should you happen to stain your suit over a meal or a sneaky beverage, ensure the stain is removed promptly. We have found non odour baby swipes to be the perfect answer to a slight stain mishap.

Dry Cleaners can be a reliable friend or, at times, a suit killer. Dry Cleaners can be a reliable friend or, at times, a suit killer.  We recommend dry-cleaning your suit from a good, reliable dry cleaner 2-3 times a year.

If you find that your jacket is generally in the closet or on the back of a chair, show no shame in sending only your trousers to get dry-cleaned and keep that jacket in tip top notch.

Under the pump and running late with work only to realise your suit isn’t 100% properly pressed? A sneaky trick is to place your jacket and trouser on individual hangers in the bathroom whilst showering, the steam created from this will cause the creases to fall out and away you go.