Mens Dress Shirts 101

All About Men’s Shirts

There are several designs, styles and types of men’s shirts, allowing for a range of choices to suit any occasion. If you are looking to buy something that perfectly fits your body type, there are some things to know about the different options available.

This will help you to choose the right style for you with ease. All types of men’s shirts are available at ASD’s, because we know about effortless class and affordable luxury. We believe in aligning the integrity of any man with the head-turning and eye-catching styles of our times.

So let’s talk about how you can find the perfect fit men’s shirt for you. Before we start, know that the fitting of shirts is different from that of jackets and pants, so no matter what option you choose from here, you will need to reevaluate before purchasing other suit items.

The first thing you should know about buying a shirt is what type and style you look for. You have various choices like a slim fit shirt, a modern fit shirt, a classic fit shirt and a skinny fit shirt, as we will go through what those mean now.

Slim Fit Shirt

If we have a look at fashion among men we will see that the majority of young men love to wear slim fit men’s shirts, because it not only makes them look elegant but is also fashionable. However, these shirts are less comfortable and restrict your movement at the same time. The slim fit shirt has a high armhole and is shaped to sit particularly closer to the body, but not skin tight.

These shirts are usually be best worn by young men who have a slim body type and want a more flattering look. So, unless you will be required to engage in some sort of physical activity, these shirts might be the right choice for you to wear on any occasion.

Modern Fit Shirt

Modern fit shirts are known to provide more comfort than a slim fit, while still retaining an element of style and form. It has high armholes and the sleeves contain more space than a slim fit, but not as much as a classic. People who do not want to restrict their movement but who wish to retain a more figure flattering style may choose modern fit shirts over slim fit shirts. These shirts also look good without wearing a jacket, so there is no need to sacrifice comfort.

Classic Fit Shirt

These shirts are the least form-fitting of styles, with a loose fit around the arms, chest and mid-section. They are designed to always be tucked into formal pants, and with two pleats on the back they offer the greatest movability and the most comfort out of all the styles. These styles look best when worn with suit jackets.

Skinny Fit Shirt

Skinny fit men’s shirts are popular among young men who like to show off their upper body, and are looking for a fit that is form-fitting and accentuates the male physique. They can be very fashionable, but this fit is the most restrictive of movement out of all the styles.

That’s a good foundation for the basics of men’s shirt fits.

One more thing to note are the pockets. A shirt with one pocket is fairly informal but most popular for almost all occasions, two pockets can be considered the most casual, and no pockets sits as the most formal style.

If you are looking to buy any of the styles mentioned above, you should consider buying from ASD’s as we can assure you the best quality fabric that will give you a luxurious look and will add charm to your wardrobe. Our online store offers a variety of styles and sizes to choose from that will not break your wallet.