Rock a Three-Piece Suit Like Chuck Bass

A three-piece suit is every mans right of passage. No one knows this better than Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. His slim fits steal the show.

But you don’t have to actually be the leading role in order to look it.

The three-piece suit definitely makes a statement and is an essential part of your wardrobe. Simply put, the three-piece is a suit with a vest or waistcoat thrown in–just to mix things up a bit.
But this small adjustments makes a huge difference.

Here are a few things to note about this one-of-a-kind look.

The Fit

You cannot half-ass a three-piece suit. Do it justice by making sure your fit is perfect.

Shoulders pads should lie flat and not protrude beyond your natural shoulder line. The seam of the shoulder and sleeve should meet where your arm meets your shoulder. The shoulder should not hang down or appear hiked up.

Jacket length is a defining measurement of the suit as it shapes and defines your torso.The best way to test is your jacket is the perfect length is by dropping your arms straight down to your side. With ease, your fingers should be able to cup the sides of your suit. There should be no flaring anywhere, especially in the back.

Sleeve length should touch right at or just above the base of the thumb. Ideally, half an inch of your shirt should show beyond the sleeve.

The closure of the jacket refers to where the buttons meet. Avoid the funny looking gaped button appearances by making sure you’re able to fit an entire fist between your belly button and the jacket buttons.

The trouser break refers to where the cuff of your pants ends. It should touch right at the top of your shoe. Any longer than that could look sloppy.

How to Wear a Three-Piece Suit

Unless you’ve got a wardrobe team like Chuck Bass, this suit isn’t exactly one you can just slip on. Here are three tips to consider when putting a three-piece suit together.

Leave the last button on your coat left undone.The waistcoat should cover your beltline, but never go much lower. Never wear a belt with a three-piece suit

When to Wear a Three-Piece Suit

Many consider the three-piece suit to fall just below the formality of a tux. But this looks isn’t strictly for ultra-formal events! You could go slim-fit or colorful to keep things a bit more relaxed. However, it’s your suit, wear it when you deem fit. Weddings and certain work offices are the most commonplace a three-piece is spotted.

Whatever the location or occasion, a three-piece suit is timeless.

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