Tommy Shelby – Suit Accessories

Tommy Shelby is the ultimate, nonsense badass.

His character has always been a little edgy–even scary at times, and that’s just how we like him. His style is almost as aggressive as he is (in the best way possible)!

From his cap, pocket watch chain, bow ties, even the the cigarette dangling from his mouth, Tommy Shelby is the ultimate ‘it guy’ when it comes to rockin suit accessories.

Luckily, you don’t have to be the leader of a criminal gang to look like a boss. Here are a few suit accessories to help you put a stylish final touch to any look.


The necktie is the most versatile suit accessories known to man. It can be neutral in color to complete a look, cool in design for a wow-factor, or sleek and sexy to make an impression. The necktie is timeless and pair with almost any suit seamlessly.

Pocket Squares

Typically worn with dress suits, pocket squares add color and personality to your suit. It’s common to wear squares and neckties in a matching set. This duo gives you a clean, put-together appearance. Your pocket square and tie don’t always have to match, but they shouldn’t clash either. Choose a pocket square to match a highlight color from your tie or a neutral square to balance a brightly patterned tie.


These dapper accessories can only be worn with French cuffs, but they do add a touch of personal style to your suit. Cufflinks come in a variety of styles, ranging from basic to novelty. With the growing popularity of French cuffs on men’s dress shirts, it’s easy to add cufflinks to your look nearly any time you wear a suit.

Cufflinks versatility makes them perfect for any occasion. Choose a sophisticated pair of cufflinks for a big meeting at the office and a pair of bold or novelty cufflinks to grab drinks with friends.

Tie Clip

A tie clip is as functional as it is fashionable and is the best way to complete your look.
The right tie clip will bring all your other accessories together, whether it’s a basic bar or features a design. It also works to keep your tie neat and wrinkle-free throughout the day. Tie clips, as opposed to tie tacks, won’t damage the material of your tie or shirt, making them the best accessory for keeping your tie in place.

Elevate every look with the perfect suit accessory.
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